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Music Hack Day NYC APIs

Here's a list and a description of the APIs presented at Music Hack Day NYC.

Universal Music Group

APIs for their artists - lots of pop music. REST JSON/XML. Retrieves artist metadata, biography, tracks, videos, photos, events, etc. Main idea is tap into the backend of their sites and get info “from the source”. Prizes: Epiphone signed by hinder, snowboard, and box of CDs.


Open source database of artist, tracks, album information. Community curated - all information is free and open source. ~600,000 artist, 1,000,000 albums, 10,000,000 tracks.


Internet radio site for performance DJs. API MixSCAN will give you the timing data for their DJ mixes


Community of artists doing mixes online - API gives you access to access to the data in their system.


A lyrics database, lots of multilingual data. Can match on artist/track name, lyrics, or musicbrainz/echonest ID, also matches on misspelled queries. Prizes: Full accommodation for next MHD or1 week in italy.


Uses a bunch of technology to learn as much about music as possible (reading text and listening to/analyze music). Can provide similar artists, popularity, tempo, danceability, etc. Remix API also lets you manipulate song data. Prizes: 4 $500 song prizes.


Allows you to send an HTTP request and make a ROKU box connected to a TV play a MOG (a subscription-based music service). Can also play tracks in the browser. There are lots of other MOG APIs. Prizes: Roku's and MOG subscriptions.

Gets information from listeners (by scrobbling from a desktop client that connects to media playing software) and uses it to create a database of metadata, recommendation, also radio. Creates listening history, trends. REST API with implementations in lots of languages. New API for realtime stats - what's being listened to now.


Carnois provides analysis, similarity, voice synthesis, and voice transformation. Analysis gives low level (MFCC, PCP) and high level (mood, genre, instrumental, voice). Freesound is a large collection of user-submitted sounds.


Library for puredata's audio and midi processing functionality.

Music discovery platform based in browser. API gets track data and information and also user information. Prize: Audioengine speakers.


Hosting for audio files. Allows for users to add comments at any time. API gives you access to track info, listener history, recording. Prize: Flight to the next MHD.


Open source/platform social media center. GUI is XML defined, or a “skin app” written in Python, and HTML5. Prize: A boxee box. Developer documentation

API for shortening links.


Concert API - gives information for events (including setlists) and user impressions. Prize: Ticket vouchers.


The leading open source and free music notation software. Has a plugin framework for their app. Also, is a social sheet music sharing platform, with an API to get the sheet music.

Fan bridge

A platform for musicians to grow their fanlist through email, mobile, social, and hopefully monetize. Allows for people to sign up to mailing list from any site. API. Prize: iPad.


iOS apps that tries to make music individualized and unique based on a variety of user environment variables. Prize: A nice pair of headphones.


Licenses music from all kinds of labels and sells it online as 320 kbps DRM-free mp3s (some in FLAC). API provides metadata and preview tracks and the ability to purchase tracks. API key for the weekend = musichackday. Echonest IDs synched with 7digital IDs. Prize: 10 free albums and some nice headphones.


Provides metadata and recommendation for music, movies, TV. API gives you information about tracks, users, also advertising + media recognition (?). Prize: Boxee box.


“Personalizes the internet” - correlates information about people with trends and things they like. Give it a twitter ID, and it gives you information about what that specific person likes - or things nearby.


Allows apps to communicate via phone or SMS. When someone calls a number you purchase, they can be connected in a conference, spoken to, you can retrieve the numbers that called it and call back/send SMS.

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