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MIR Datasets

A list of datasets for various music information retrieval tasks. Here, a “dataset” is loosely defined as a group of audio files accompanied by some amount of semantic information that can be useful when training and evaluating algorithms intended to automatically reproduce the information. Ideally, the datasets are freely available, or at least standardized in some way so that the results of an experiment on a given dataset can be reproduced. Whenever necessary, legal, and possible, datasets are hosted here. Similar lists of MIR datasets can be found here and here.

Here is a table giving basic details for each dataset discussed here:

Dataset Size Free Hand-annotated Includes audio Link
Isophonics Annotations 17+ albums Yes Yes No here
KSN Database 50 songs Non-commercial use Yes No here
Apple Jam Packs 40,000 files No Yes Yes here
Ableton EIC2 20,000 files No Yes Yes here
200 Drum Machines 9,000 files Yes Yes Yes
Million Song Dataset/Echo Nest 1-30 million songs Non-commercial use Partially Partially here and here
DJ BPM Studio 80,000+ songs Yes No No here
Magnatagatune 26,000 songs Non-commercial use Partially Yes here
SoundCloud 5,000,000+ files Varies Yes Partially here 7 million+ songs Non-commercial use Yes No here
USPop2002 8,764 songs Yes Yes No here

The following is a table describing the MIR tasks each dataset could ostensibly be used for. Key: IR = Instrument recognition, TE = Tempo estimation, BT = Beat tracking, MT = Measure tracking, MS = Music segmentation, OD = Onset detection, KD = Key detection, TS = Time signature estimation, SS = Source separation, G = Genre, TM = Tags/Mood, SA = Similar artists (music recommendation), AT = Automatic transcription (including chord tracking), QH = Query by humming.

Isophonics Annotations X X X X X X X
KSN Database X X
Apple Jam Packs Loops X X X X X X X X X
Apple Jam Packs One-shots X
Ableton EIC2 X
200 Drum Machines X
Million Song Dataset/Echo Nest X X X X X X X X X X X
DJ BPM Studio X X
Magnatagatune X X X X X X X X X X
Soundcloud Public Domain X X X X X X X
USPop2002 X X

Each dataset is described in more detail below.

Isophonics Annotations

The Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) provides annotation data for a selection of albums by The Beatles, Queen, Carole King, Michael Jackson, and Zweieck. The annotations are done by hand by students at the C4DM and include chord, segmentation, key, and beat information. The data is accompanied by a rough confidence score for the annotation accuracy. .txt and .rdf representations are available freely here.

KSN Database

The University of Tokyo created this collection of chord and key annotations of 50 classical music pieces. The harmonic information is described using “KS-notation”. Both the dataset and this notation format is described in their paper.

Apple Jam Packs

Apple sells a series of "Jam Packs", which consist of loops (musical phrases) and one-shot samples (single notes) for use with their GarageBand and Logic software. Each Jam Pack focuses on a different class of musical instruments or styles. The loops are encoded in Apple's Core Audio Format (.caf), which allows for metadata to be included in the file directly. The Apple loops include hand-annotated tempo, beat, bar, tatum, time signature, genre, style, instrumentation, and key information. The extraction of this metadata from the .caf files is described here. The loops are also grouped together with similar loops intended to be used together, so by combining (and attempting to re-extract) separate similar loops would produce a useful dataset for source separation. The one-shot samples in the Jam Packs are in .aif format and have no metadata, but are grouped according to their instrument and as a result could be used for instrument recognition tasks.

Ableton Essential Instrument Collection 2 (EIC2)

Ableton distributes a collection of recordings of single notes from single instruments intended to be used as samples with their software instruments. Each file is a high-quality recording of many subsequent notes, and is stored as an encrypted .aif file and organized according to the instrument being recorded. In order to be used as one-shot samples, the files need to be separated note-by-note.

200 Drum Machines

A collection of one-shot samples recorded from 200 different drum machines is available here. All files are uncompressed mono, 44.1 kHz PCM, and are organized according to the drum type (kick, cymbal, snare, tom), with about 1,000 samples of each drum type.

DJ BPM Studio

A large database of tempo values for about 80,000 popular songs is available at The tempo estimations are almost certainly generated algorithmically and not by hand, but no information is available as to the details of the algorithm. Only tempo values are available, not the actual audio files. A .csv dump of the dataset from 4/13/2011 is available here.

Echonest/Million Song Dataset


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